Expert Advice on How to Be, Do and Have Anything You Want in your 40s and beyond with Grace and Humor

Starts Sunday, December 9, 2018!

  • Getting older doesn’t mean you have to give up on Joy, Love, Sex, Fitness, Success, Fertility or your innate desire to GROW and CREATE
  • Even though your body’s going through a lot of changes (not all of them pleasant), you CAN handle them with grace and humor – when you learn inner and outer strategies that will keep you feeling your best
  • This CAN be the best time in your life to start your own business, rock your dreams and create the kind of financial independence you crave (yes, even if you’ve had setbacks!)
  • This decade (and the next one!) can be your absolute sexiest when you learn how to take care of your body and explore your sexuality
  • It’s not too late to get Pregnant and start a family in your 40’s – even if you don’t have a partner or have struggled with infertility

Learn from 20+ women who’ve achieved this, and more, in their 40s and beyond 


Featured Speakers

Nina Lorez Collins

Creator and Author of “What Would Virginia Woolf Do?”

Lauren Hanna

Founder of Sonic Yoga and Sacred Fertility Yoga

Xanet Pailet

Sex and Intimacy Coach

Mary Shores

Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author

Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc

Women’s Health and Fertility expert & Author 

Karen Yankovich

Host of “Good Girls Get Rich” and Social Media Consultant

Dr Meghan Walker

“Entrepologist” and Female Bio-hacker

Dr Sandy Bevacqua

Integrated & Heartfelt Health for Women

Nancy Mae, MA,MS,MIM

Creator of the Energetic Fertility Method(TM)

Robin A. Young, CFP®

CEO of Behaving Wealthy, Certified Financial Planner

Nancy Levin

Master Coach & Bestselling Author

Sheri Winston

Wholistic Sexuality Teacher & Bestselling Author

Sue Bryce

Founder of Sue Bryce Education

Maria Garre

Ayurveda teacher + Founder of New Mexico School of Yoga

Bettina Gordon-Wayne

Journalist and Author of “The Joy of Later Motherhood”

Katie Keating and Erica Fite

Founders and Creative Directors at Fancy LLC

Anna Huckabee Tull

Singer, Songwriter & Master Life Coach

Jenny D

Vitality, Wealth and Freedom, Your Way

Kelly Notaras

Founder of KN Literary Arts, Author, Editor

Amy White

Intuitive Medium and Truthbomb Dropper

Dr Elizabeth Cohen

Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive Behavior Therapist

Lisa Fogarty

Founder and CEO of Performance Circle

Elizabeth Trinkaus

Speaker, Author and Founder of “Pinnacle View”

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