Elizabeth Trinkaus

Speaker, Author and Founder of “Pinnacle View”

Elizabeth Trinkaus is the owner of Pinnacle View, a life-enrichment company. She is a speaker, author, and coach who has been inspiring audiences globally for over 25 years.

Elizabeth is a certified trainer in the Canfield Success Principles, Louise Hay Heal Your Life principles, and holds a BS in counseling. She offers proven, mind-management tools that create joy, energy, and everyday ease.

She’s also the author of the new book “Enough Already! Yes, You are: A step-by-step guide to crushing the myth that if you do just one more thing, you will finally be enough”.

You can find Elizabeth and her feminine retreats at https://pinnacleview.net/, where you can listen to a short recording of Elizabeth teaching you how to put space between you and your stressor. You can find out more about the retreat Elizabeth will lead in March at the Fairmont in Lake Louise in Banff here.

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