Jenny D 

Vitality, Wealth and Freedom, Your Way

Jenny Dumnich is Co-Founder of Craig and Jenny D. Together with her husband, her mission is to guide successful entrepreneurs and executives to write the story of their life on their terms to expand their personal and professional success. After 12 years experience as a financial executive, she juggled raising her son, a divorce, remarrying into a blended family, adding a daughter and a journey through life-threatening illness,. This experience taught her first-hand that your true wealth potential lies in the health of what she calls “your entire success matrix”, including vitality, business, relationships, finances, personal power, and freedom.

Jenny and Craig lead Total Immersion Retreats, Hands-On Masterclasses, Live Experience Events, and personalized coaching programs, helping individuals take their lives to a new level of vitality, accomplishment, financial success, and personal fulfillment. Find them at .