Dr. Sandy Bevacqua 

Integrated & Heartfelt Health for Women

Dr. Sandy Bevacqua holds a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology with additional expertise in Genetic Engineering, Nutrition and Human Biology. Frustrated by the messages telling us to “just put up with the pain and the ‘inevitable’ effects of pregnancy and aging,” Dr. Sandy went on a mission and devoted her professional life to ending suffering and to helping women understand that they are not broken, just misinformed.

Dr. Sandy is the creator of two highly acclaimed online courses—The Pelvic Health Transformation Program and The Mystery Is Over! Understanding Female Sexual Health —which teach women of all ages how to recover naturally from a variety of pelvic and sexual dysfunctions, as well as helping them to realize their full potential as sexual beings.

In her own quest to find her way back to health after receiving a “terminal” diagnosis, Dr. Sandy discovered that most medical professionals have little training in the complexities of women’s sensitive biochemistry and lack even a fundamental understanding of how poor pelvic and sexual health can impact a woman’s entire life.

After being given 12 months to live 22 years ago, Dr. Sandy went on to have a baby in her 40s and continues to ride horses and extreme ski in her 60s.

You can find Dr. Sandy at https://www.wish4life.com/

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