Storey Jones

In 1998 Storey Jones married a technology entrepreneur. By 2001 his company had executed a successful IPO and then an accounting scandal brought everything crashing down leaving her in a highly complex seven-year legal quagmire that included every unimaginable financial and emotional challenge including a protracted high-conflict divorce and custody battle.

Though she lost everything including her home, possessions, savings & retirement, she gained a purpose. She recognized the glaring chasm between the human experience of divorce and the legal system; she developed a new business model as a divorce consultant to assist men and women in becoming far more informed, prepared and supported as they navigate their own unique processes.

After 12 years as a divorce consultant, Storey has now leveraged that experience to build the first holistic end-to-end platform for divorce, designed so both clients and professionals can seamlessly work on and understand the same financial and other case-related data. is designed to redefine this life transition for both spouses and professionals.